Beinn Chabhair, Catch Points & Handrails

20th January 2008

Our two Trainee Mountain Leaders decided on a navigation excercise.

Having studied the map (!) on Saturday evening, Beinn Chabhair was chosen.
Although the popular route is from 'The Drovers' at Inverarnan, Bill suggested/persuaded the girls to tackle the hill from Derrydaroch. 'A much better ascent' he stated.

Note that Bill didn't accompany the girls but went sea-kayaking instead.......

Their route went something like this;

'Is the map the right way up?......'

after successfully negotiating the crossing of the A82 - it's now on to
'...point A, the obvious bend.....'

Next feature to look for is the

'...catch point - the edge of the wood....'

our next catch point should be easy as it's
'...point junction...'

or is this Y1, no I'm pretty sure it's
'......Y2, stream junction 2....'

We've to follow this to the col,
'...handrailing the stream...'

Are you sure this is point X on the map?
'.....X marks our spot....'
- it is now!

'....Hooray! We made it!.... now which way down?.....'

Despite the humour in the above photographs the girls did take the day seriously.

They reported thigh deep soft snow on the upper slopes which made for a very tiring ascent.
Not many other parties were out on the hill, and everyone they met commented that it was tough going.

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