Conic Hill & 'a lovely scone'

27th January 2008

Not much free time this week for a big hill, but we all wanted some excercise.

We left the Garadhban carpark above Drymen for a short walk over Conic Hill.

There was four of us, five if you count Pooh Bear.

Roni and Elizabeth set off at a cracking pace and it was all Andy and Bill could do to keep up.

There have been major forestry operations along this track and the character of this section of the way has changed considerably .

Garadh Ban Wood used to be a favourite part with dense trees, a narrow winding path and glimpses of the open hill beyond, now it's just an area of clearcut.

We were going so fast that we overtook the other walking groups.
Soon we had the hill to ourselves.

A flooded Endrick mouth told how much rain had fallen in the previous week.

It was warm, in fact it was an exceptonally mild day for January and looking around us the higher tops were shrouded in cloud. We completed our walk in around 2.30 hours, which is fairly brisk!

Deirdre, eat your heart out, we retired to the Oak Tree where we had coffee and 'a lovely scone'.

Looking forward to our Burns Weekend - we might manage above 1000'

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