Schiehallion 'A hill's A hill For A' That'

2nd February 2008
As we made our way northwards from Creiff, conditions in the Sma' Glen became exciting, drifting snow and large icy patches made us think that the hills may be tougher than they looked.

It became more challenging, or should that be hair-raising (and you know how many are left) as we drove towards Braes of Foss,
The council gritter hadn't been out!

Starting out on the 'new' John Muir Trust path we quickly gained height, despite the deep snow.
.The path is very well constructed and it is at an easy gradient; a big 'Thank You' to the JMT construction team.

There is a picnic area quite far up the path, rather a neat idea using boulders for a table and chairs, although it was too cold today to linger long!
Roni was on Turbo-charge mode and it was all we could do to keep up with her!
We had to keep reminding her that we had a recuperating patient with us .

All I could see were Julie's boots, as we were walking line astern to save effort in the deep, soft snow.

We crossed an amazing Sastrugi field.
Sastrugi result from wind erosion, saltation of snow particles and deposition. Some shapes were large, this one was about 1 metre high!

We were soon high on the slopes and the sun shone strongly. All the surrounding hills had disappeared as heavy persistant snow showers moved through.

Luckly old us, it was a very sunny Schiehallion today.

Ron was on a high in more ways than one, as it was almost 3 months to the day since his heart bypass operation. Quite an amazing achievment as today was a reasonably hard winter day out.

The summit wind was freezing, so we beat a hasty retreat enjoying a romp down a big snow slope all the way to the car park path

David couldn't resist a chilled Schiehallion beer.......

and now to our Burns supper.

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