The Walking Wounded

WARNING - the following pictures are not for the squeamish

We are extremely lucky that we survive all our outdoor escapades pretty much unscathed.
It seems everyday living has greater hazards than anything the mountains or seas throw at us.

Andy receives the prize for the best self-inflicted injury. All in the cause of DIY.
Amazing what you can do with a Black and Decker power planer.

Dee receives the award for sympathy shown, 
for her twisted ankle - which happened walking in the street.

oops.....that isn't Dee's leg, 
it's Ron's; 
this is the correct photo.

However the Top Prize for gore is awarded to Ron,
who underwent a successful quadruple bypass in early November, and has a pretty impresive scar as a momento.

Bill wins the prize for effort, with his stove in chest.

Julie wins the booby prize.
She suffered terrible Burns when we had our recent weekend in Crieff.

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