Ben A'an - a fun day out

The Moray Club
28th December 2008

Pictures from Andrew showing club members enjoying the day's short walk.
Bill's hat makes him look like a pixie from the Christmas Tree!
Elizabeth and Bill on the surprisingly quiet summit rocks.
Graham sends love and kisses to all who know him.......................
We always wonder if next year will bring as much fun & adventure as the one just passed, somehow we always manage it!
Roll on 2009.


Anonymous said...

It seems that our Deirdre has fallen for that great Hollywood star; non-other than our very own Ron Clooney........Mmmmmmm! Yummy!
Save some for me Dee.

Anonymous said...

Dear Graham

When can I collect my love and kisses as you promised? Email me soon. XX

Anonymous said...

T'is true that Deirdre would once have happily settled for George..oops Ron Clooney. However, she now only has eyes for Hugh Jackman ....hunk! If that's hard to believe then just ask the other girls in the Club for their expert opinion