Ben A'an (or was it Sauchiehall Street)

Avoiding the sales crowds
28th December 2008
We should have been climbing something a bit higher than Ben A'an in the Trossachs, but a layer of thick cloud was stuck on the 450m contour; only Ben Nevis, or the far north west hills were clear, a bit too far away for a day trip!
A wee local outing suited everyone, meeting at 11 o'clock meant leisurely breakfasts for all.
Our three cars squeezed into a busy car park.
We didn't pass too many people on the way up, only a couple of climbers weighed down with gear .......what you can't see in the picture is all the people coming down from the top!
On the summit rocks we found time to share & munch, a variety of left-over Christmas 'goodies'. As usual, Dee, being a dog lover, attracted a scrounging stray.
(and we don't mean Andrew)
A speedy descent was hampered by Maw, Paw & lots of weans. We lost count; there were over fifty people on their way up as we descended....

It was a very, very busy hill. There were many hillgoers dressed for Sauchiehall Street, not a wander up Ben A'an.

Young Oliver and Rory briefly attached themselves to our group. At least they were properly kitted out, and seemed to be enjoying their hill experience.
We were all laughing on the way down, discussing a wide range of subjects, from shopping trolley furniture (?) to the latest fashion in mens underwear. Amazing what you learn.
Back at the cars, Elizabeth decided to do some family washing, you really can't take her anywhere!

We may have spent as long over coffee on the way home as we did on the hill. What can you say?


Anonymous said...

Third time lucky - Ben A'an trip; second picture; handsome young male taking in the view...Why did you airbrush an additional chin onto the otherwise majestic chin?
Last picture; Elizabeth still seems to have her parachute attached.
Apart from the obvious additions and errors - great write-up and speedily done.

MC said...

Hello Anonymous!
3rd time lucky on the Ben A'an trip? to what do you refer I wonder? ;-)
Chin(s) look good, thought it made you 'manly' in a Desperate Dan sort of way, airbrushed out your spare tyre.
Elizabeth parachute? No; they are reins borrowed from one of the children on Ben A'an (thought she might wander off if not kept under control!)
Bill (your 2nd best friend)