Only a Winter's Day

30 November
Killearn & The Campsies
We had experienced several days of freezing fog, making daylight hours gloomy and still.

Sunday afternoon was an eye-opener!

Above us, blue sky appeared; the freezing fog, ever so slowly, rolled downhill.

It revealed a magical landscape..................
It was difficult not to take hundreds of pictures.

The road down to the village became a tunnel of light as the low winter sun reflected off the frosted trees.

The amazing thing was that although the sun was brilliantly bright, it wasn't warm enough to melt the frost!

As the sun dipped toward the horizon, the Campsie moorland positively glowed.

Looking toward Loch Lomond and the hills beyond made us realise how lucky we were to be in the right place at the right time!


Anonymous said...

Dead brill.
I am sick with envy.
Sz xxx

MC said...

Hi Suzy, thought it might make you homesick! Bill