UEFA Cup Final Night 2008

14 May
Loch Lomond
What a fabulous evening to be out on the water!

The West of Scotland population had migrated to England, to watch Rangers play Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia, at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Traffic on the road to Balmaha was non existent and we shared Loch Lomond with a rowing boat and one very distant yacht.

What a lot of water to play in!

Many of you know that Andy and Bill have been bitten by the kayaking and canoeing bug; tonight was playtime in playboats.

It was a stunning evening, with a gentle breeze and an almost cloudless sky.

Scotland and Loch Lomond at their very best.
Andy, always keen to test skill level, tried various moves to improve his support stroke.

You must admit; he's lookin' good!

Bill, psyches himself to try a sculling stroke...............

Who cares about style; it's just great to be here.

Sometimes we push limits, do you know what ice cream head is?

Andy does.

The water temperature was COLD.

Birdwatcher Bill just basked in the evening sun.

It was blindingly bright.

We were circumnavigating Inchcailloch, a short trip;
perfect for an evening outing.

We drifted on the Sea of Tranquility.

Two Roe deer ignored us as we floated past.

If the rest of summer 2008 is as good as this; Scotland will be heaven on earth!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
It was a good evening. It just shows that you can still cram in a bit of fun even after a day at the office. Here's wishing for many more evenings like it. What's next?