Sheila's Wet Top

Birthday Celebrations - Conic Hill
Saturday 9th August
Sheila organised this trip, her first in a long time; as she lives in Holland you can appreciate the difficulties!

Originally Sheila's plan was to climb a Munro; it was quickly scaled down to something more manageable as the weather wasn’t looking too clever.

Having lived abroad for over 20 years, Sheila was looking forward to a wee holiday ‘in the old country’ to show her family how beautiful Scotland is…..……cue for the rain to start and the midges to come out!

It was a shame the weather was poor; it made for a rather soggy top.

However the Aarts family took the opportunity of taking the dog for a walk.
Andy ‘Poppins’ had the right equipment today, bet he was glad it wasn’t the breezy North wind.
The younger Aarts would rather have been anywhere but a slippery slope in Scotland.
The top reached, it was time for celebrations, so a quick swig of juice was in order.

HSE ordered Jacques to stand well back.

Fizzy pop……mmm…….Yummmmy.
This birthday girl was really enjoying herself
Shelia's wee sister, Pat, tried to convince Andy that she had the latest in Goretex top’s;
but he wasn't wearing it…….
On the descent the rain was streaming down: It was handy Andy had a brolly - and we all piled in!

Jacques needed glasses wipers.Our descent was very wet, and the path had become a mini-river.
As we entered the trees above Balmaha the sun broke through the clouds, now why couldn’t it have been like this on the top?
For the benefit of our Dutch visitors who didn’t see anything, Conic hill is a fine easy walk with excellent views.
Our birthday girl was pleased to see so many people had turned out to support her celebrations. Has she forgotten that free drink is a magnet to the Moray Club?
The Aarts family went on to have a wet holiday...........................

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