Stob a'Choire Odhair

Blackmount - White Summits
Saturday 1st November
What happened to our early start?
It was 11.30 and we were just starting our walk.
(was it the coffee stop which delayed us?
It wasn’t like this in the old days)

Leaving the carpark (which none of us could remember) a wet path behind the information board headed the short distance to Victoria Bridge.
At least we could remember the Scottish Rights of Way fingerpost!
There was also an informative map displayed by Blackmount Estate, friendly advice, put across in a nice manner.
This sign made us smile – it must have happened!

The track beside the Abhainn Shira is easy walking, with good views toward Beinn nan Aighenan and Stob Coire an Albannaich.
It’s only a short distance (about 1.5km) to the GUM green hut - this was a primary school up to 1933, housing 4 pupils.
There is good background info on the hut here.
A well made stalker's path heads north from behind the hut. It’s an easy gradient.

The track aims directly uphill through the heather. You can just see it zigzagging up the nose in the background.

The path twists & turns offering ever changing views.
For a November day it was pleasantly warm.
Stob Gabhar would have been on our walk, but as we were a tad late in starting out...
It’s summit looked tantalisingly close…

The Stob a'Choire Odhair path eventually disappears into boulders some way before the summit– but navigation isn’t difficult, and after a wee plod you’re on the top.
A slowly darkening sky over Stob Ghabhar told of a change from our settled weather.

We had a pretty clear view into the Upper couloir of Stob Ghabhair.
Interesting article about the 1892 ascent by Maylard of the SMC here.
The view east over Rannoch draws the eye; you’ll agree it is special.

Looking to the Orchy hills today it’s easy to see why
Duncan Ban MacIntyre was inspired;
An t-urram thar gach beinn
Aig Beinn Dòbhrain;
De na chunnaic mi fon ghrèin,
'S i bu bhòidhche leam…

Honour beyond each ben
for Ben Doran;
Of all I have seen beneath the sun,
the most glorious…

It was only 2.30, but aware that the sun was going down on the dark western highlands, we decided retreat to the glen floor was sensible.
A last quick look around to soak up the view

Freshly fallen snow allowed us a speedy descent.

A super day out.
On our walk back out we chatted to a couple from Kilmarnock, their dog would insist on retrieving stones from the Abhainn Shira river, brrrrrrr!

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