Aviemore Adventures

Burns Weekend
Coylum Lodge
13th - 16th February

There had been an amazing dump of snow in Strathspey.
It was a careful journey to Coylumbridge on Friday night.

However the trials of driving on compacted snowy roads were soon forgotten on seeing our accomodation!

This was class, real class!
Jim commented 'is this Bill's idea of a Bothy?'
Friday night saw us exploring this newly built house; we were the first ever hire.
The kitchen was straight out of Homes & Gardens.
The womenfolk soon settled down with a glass or two.....
.....while the menfolk 'chewed the fat'
With 3 separate lounges in the house Ron soon found his cosy nook.
All five bedrooms were furnished to the highest standard, not a sleeping bag in sight.
No breaking the ice & washing in the River Druie for us........
Bruce & Rita had to have the room with the (almost) McGregor tartan
Would we leave our fantastic house and go and play outside?
Of course we would!


Anonymous said...

Accommodation looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

My Mum and dad made that house ...:'(

MC said...

....and a very nice house it is too! ;-)