Loch Lomond - Sea of Islands

The Low Road
Wednesday 31st December 

David may have been basking in the sun on the hills above, but Andy and Bill were rather chilly as they pottered about in their open canoes around the Luss islands.

Andy the floater, paddled through the moored boats.
Strange sight on a misty day!
Bill was matched stroke for stroke by his mirror. 
Paddling up Luss Water was a diversion, it's not very deep or fast flowing, but interesting all the same.
Fortified with take away coffee, and posing for tourist cameras off the Luss pier, the 'boys' took off for the islands.
The forecast warm sunshine didn't break through the cloud, however it was photogenic!
It was to be a day of 'jacket on, jacket off' for Andy, he really should carry a bit more body weight to keep him warm.

A bed of reeds shows how shallow parts of the channel are.
Bill created barely a ripple, if it wasn't for his colourful drysuit it could been a black and white picture, the light gave muted colours.
On Inchtavannach, a Fallow Deer seemed unconcerned as the boats slid silently by.
Would it be possible to get a closer picture?
The quarry didn't seem the least bit bothered.
Andy, a member of the SBS, decided to stalk the beast on foot.....
Don't give up your day job Andy!
Shortly after his pic, the deer took off in two bounds!
Inchgalbraith with it's ruined castle was circumnavigated before lunch on the beach at Inchmoan.
Its a braw beach, even on a cold December day.
Andy had chilled down, and was desperate for a heat!
He found a novel way of keeping warm after lunch.
Spiderman dropped by to share in the fun. 
Exploring after lunch, a hidden pool deep within the reeds was found; totally silent and rather eerie, not a place to linger long!
It's a short hop out to this group of islands and in most weather conditions perfectly safe as shelter is never far away, perfect off season, but give a wide berth in summer, it's mega busy.
Bill couldn't help but show off on the return to Luss, he'll fall in one day; Guaranteed!


Anonymous said...

My God your beard is getting white!!!
You’re like a skinny Santa Claus!!!
Who is the blonde bird?
Photos are fab as is the youtube video. Dead easy to scroll through.

MC said...

Who is the blonde bird?

Susan - I take it you don't mean Andrew!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks a bit too buxom to be Andrew - but sharing your open canoe!!!


MC said...

Susan, a case of mistake identity! It isn't me with the blonde bird, but Donald; White beard, athletic build, handsome,
I can see how you mix us up.
(The blonde is Julia - she'll be glad you said 'buxom')