Ben Donich

Deirdre on Donich, Andrew in Ardgoil,
Grant in the Glen & Big Bill's Ben.

Saturday 3rd January

Deirdre, Andrew, Grant & Bill

Let’s establish from the start that this was Deirdre’s choice. She assured us that, from memory, it was a perfectly straightforward wee hill.

Finding the exact starting point can be difficult, but not today as we had a helpful pillar.
Funny thing was that Dee couldn’t remember the ascent – she recalled it was through a forest; trouble was it had been felled since she’d last been there!
We were soon on the open hillside, it was a cracking day; with good views to the summit ridge.
The Cobbler appeared to have a 'nipple' & 'wart'.....
It was 'Walkers' underfoot (crisp); glad we had winter boots!
A short scramble down can be tricky, but Dee was so happy to be here she burst into song….
Beyond this is a short section of ridge made up of rocky blocks and clefts, then a steep section of path climbs up a grassy slope to reach the beginning of the summit plateau.
The view over this area to Beinn Ime was grand.
Overhead a high flying jet puzzled us; what prompted a ‘U’ turn? Did they forget something?
It was cold and windy, but a beautiful day nevertheless.
Grant mumbled incoherently through his balaclava; we began to suspect he was suffering from hypothermia, or was it just normal teenage speak?
It was a short pleasant walk over the knobbly top leading to the cairn.
Great viewpoint – for once we were in the right place at the right time.
Father Andrew & son under a real St Andrews Cross.
As it was our first foot we cracked open a bottle of bubbly
..............and toasted absent friends…..
We reluctantly left the summit and sauntered back down the ridge.
The new path makes for a fast descent.
Enjoyable day out and a good choice for a first foot Deirdre!

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