Beinn A' Bheithir - 1987 Journal 11

'One in a series' of archive articles.
Do you recognise anyone? Wonder where they are now.


Alex said...

I`m sure I`ve got some old prints in the attic from the trips I made with the Moray Club in the mid 80`s.
Definitely got one of John Mykura and Irene Cook on the summit of Ladhar Bheinn somewhere on my pc.
Let me know if you want a copy.
Alex Munro.

MC said...

Hello Alex
good to hear from you again.
Be delighted if you could send me *ANY* pictures of trips/dinners with the Moray Club.
There is such a wealth of good memories in the old journals and pictures bring them alive, & I will give credit to you when posting(!)
Hope you enjoy our (current & journal) blogs, great difficulty is finding sufficient time to keep posting regularly, probably running about a year behind in 'current' blogging, never mind all the journals!
I'll post a link to 'Bluesky' on the Moray Club site, you have a great blog there.

Alex said...

Hi Bill,

Mine are all slides so it may take a bit of time but I shall endeavour to do some over the holiday period.Bob McFarlane I know has an attic full of old pics so will ask him to help out also.

I wasn`t out very much with the Moray but the trips I did make were memorable due to the easy going nature of you lot :) Bob and I were reminiscing the other week and I had completely forgotten about your starring role on tv with Angela Rippon .

If you see David Lockhart you can tell him he can keep my Arrochar climbing guide..!



PS: Never thought of putting a link on our blog to the Moray Club but will do so asap.

MC said...

Hi Alex

you've reminded be of the wonderful BBC hospitality....and I can hardly believe it was some 24 years ago!

Must post a clip from the show, if only to show me with hair!
From some of your pictures you seem to have gone the same way :-)

I remember Bob quite well, very tall, slim and fit.

One of my memories is of almost running to keep up with Bob & Irene Cook - I think it was one of the east A9 munros (Beinn Dearg?)

Knackering is the word that springs to mind. Also Bob wrote an article about a climbing trip to Beinn Cartwright for the old Journal, I must post it as it's a really well written and a good laugh definately 'off the wall'

I know it's a pain digging out slides to scan but it would be appreciated!

If I speak to David I'll let him know about the Arrochar Guide... :)

though I suspect he has now consigned his climbing gear to the back of the cupboard.

Did you guys meet through the Bad Boy's?