Coylum Lodge Supper

14th February
Dinner is Served!
It was a cozy seating arrangement.
Bruce, complete with his tartan travel rug (!) said grace.
Andy attacked the steaming, freshly shot Haggis
and spilled its entrails with style.
His address caused a lot of laughs...
Eric was on good form, relating tales of times past when he was a young tiger.....
and was very complimentary to the lassies in his speech.
Dierdre being gullible believed him...
.......but we think he over-egged it.....
Wanda made a surprise appearance with another new addition to the club.
Wonder who the father was  -  this time?
Was it Jim ??**##??
After dinner - Elizabeth toasted her hurdies.
Following a solo dancing display, courtesy of Deirdre,
we wound up the evening with a quiet drink and good conversation.
Another successful Burns Supper,
thanks to Jim for Tam O'Shanter.

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