Ryvoan Ramblers

or there & back again
Saturday 14th February
We look forward to snow covered hills in winter, but this was a bit much.
Here we were in the heart of a fantastic area, staying in the height of luxury, unable to travel more than a few miles due to the sheer volume of snowfall.
Roni didn't want to move from the comfort of her bed.
Helen shouted encouragement/threats to raise the troops.
It was obvious that a wander on the Cairngorm plateau was out of the question as the access road was closed. Question was, what to do?
We wanted excercise and decided that the easy walk to Ryvoan was feasible.
Parking was a problem with cars everywhere, all those poor skiiers unable to reach the slopes.
It's a pleasant, albeit not very challenging ramble.
8 kms out & back, about a 2.5 hour 'hill day'!
On reflection it was challenging, as the deep snow was really deep.
Ryvoan bothy is always a magnet for tramps & vagrants and it was busy.
It's clean enough despite its heavy use, but we much prefered Coylum Lodge.
Bruce had aspirations for tackling Meall a Bhuachaille; but it was 2.30pm on a February afternoon.
We could see several parties on its slopes struggling with the depth of snow.
We retraced our steps back to Loch Morlich.
As always there is time for a bit of fun, this time hide & seek!
Back in 'oor wee hoose' we gathered in the sauna.
Yes a sauna - this caused a huge laugh when Andy & Elizabeth arrived.

Andy couldn't belive his eyes when he met Roni in the hall in her swimsuit!

He was so eager to try the sauna he caused a bigger laugh joining us still wearing his outdoor gear.
Silly boy!
He soon overheated and had to change into more appropriate wear.

and so to our supper.

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