Autumn Colours on Loch Lomond

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17th October
The forecast for Saturday was particularly good, and a ‘phone call on Friday evening from Andy rallied a family outing of four boats. (well 3 boats & a Kayak)
During the summer months Milarrochy Bay on the east side of Loch Lomond is ‘hoaching’ and we were stunned (and delighted) to find it almost empty on such a beautiful day.

Amanda and Fraser, love adventure in the open air, their main concern was that we had brought enough lunch!

The red (slower) canoe set off ahead of the (speedier) green ones...! The shore slopes gently, there was much hilarity about not capsizing in 8 inches of still water!
Heading in the direction of Inchcruin, the mist slowly burned off the southern part of the Loch. We could tell it was going to be a cracking day…..
The wooded islands with a backdrop of the Luss hills in autumn colour made for a picturesque scene. It was very peaceful; the loch was almost empty of other craft.
The trees were starting to turn and in the bright sunshine they glowed.
Reflections were good, almost mirror image.
We had the beach on Inchmoan all to ourselves, yippee!
As well as playing Frisbee with the kids, we passed time playing that old Scottish game, ‘hunting for lost coins’
Couldn’t resist a pic of the boat, when you have so many good days it becomes one of the family!
Time for the obligatory photo of the group at feeding time,
‘Everybody squint into the sun please!’
Fantastically warm sun for October, little if any wind, and best of all NO JET SKIS!

A great family day out.

Spot the Frisbee!
Beach bums were; Colin, Bill, Amanda, Fraser, Frank, Andy, Susan, Roni, Elizabeth.

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