Ben Venue

As Good As It Gets...starring Roni, Dee and Bill.
12 September
Being in the hills in great weather and good company; it just doesn't get any better than this.
Today's criteria; no early start, no long drive and not too challenging (sounds like a normal day then)
Ben Venue in the Trossachs was ideal.
Although the car park at the western end of Loch Achray was busy there wasn't many people about.
It was a fine September day. All the paths leading from the car park seem to head to Achray Water, hope there is a bridge.....
Ben Venue's summit faces you, question is, how long to the top?
The sun was pleasantly warm and Bill played on a path side rock - you can hardly call it an outcrop!
Achray Water has a picturesque fall easily seen from the forestry path.
The path - actually a good track - is bordered by lots of broom and if you stood still the ripe pods 'popped' loudly scattering seed on the ground - the right time, right place. Magic.
Dee thought she dropped a contact lens and asked Roni to help look for it.
Leaving the forest you enter the upper part of Gleann Riabhach, and make your way up the open hillside.
Boy, oh boy, was it getting hot
The views east along Loch Achray & Loch Venacher are easy on the eye.
There was a 'crowd' of bodies spread about on the summit, including an 80 year young woman.
Roni & Dee were very impressed as they felt it was quite hard in today's heat.
Despite quite a few other hill goers the day was peaceful, quiet and views to the North West - 'damn fine'.
Descent was leisurely, it was so good to be out....
Re-entering the south facing corrie was like walking into a furnace.
It was like walking in the Sierra Nevada in Spain.
The cool of the forest was welcome; back into dappled sunlight.
The bridge over the Achray is substantial - must be for all the overweight tourists!
It was a short walk - about four and half hours, but it had all the ingredients you look for on a day out on a summer hill.
Ben A'an nestled under a blazing September sun, it must have been a tourist honeypot today.

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