Tulchan Lodge - Glenalmond

Annual Dinner 2009
12th-13th December 

One of the benefits of being part of a group is it's possible to hire large properties for the weekend at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

Tulchan Lodge could be classed as isolated - in a nice way.
One kilometre from the nearest road along a private farm track. It's also tucked behind a stand of trees.
You'll guess it's not easy to find; perfect for a club outing.

To add to the challenge it was thick freezing fog on Friday. Definitely a good test of navigation.
It was a real pea-souper and you couldn't see the house lights until you were almost at the front door.

Despite it's look as a traditional sporting lodge the house is quite new.

A spacious dining room is always good - and yes the gun cabinet has guns in it! All securely chained.
As usual the kitchen  is the hub and Friday night saw a communal effort for dinner; homemade fish 'n chips.
Ron was a serious Chef de Chippie
After a good day on Schiehallion our Saturday dinner was home made venison stew.
The recipe is at the bottom of the blog. (requested by Julie) 
It was also a special birthday for Bill and he was spoiled rotten.... ask him to demonstrate his storm kettle.
Andy was Head Bottle Washer and chief scrubber.
Lady Marguerita ensured standards were upheld.
No daft party games or boozy late night sessions,
serious stuff being discussed here.
The girls still had the energy (just) for a drunken sing-song.
Julie appears twice in this picture, see if you can spot her.
Two weary men enjoyed the luxury surroundings while letting their dinner go down.
The evening was rounded off nicely when everyone trooped out into the house grounds to look at the crystal clear night sky. Just so happens that this weekend was peak for the Geminid meteor shower.
With no street lights, no cloud and really dark skies we saw lots!

A fab weekend - up to the usual standard.

 Julie, Eric, Andy, Elizabeth, Graham, Bill, Roni Dee, Ron, Jim, Helen & David
(& Henry on Sunday)

Casserole of Venison, Carrots & Mushrooms
Best results obtained in a slow cooker.
Dice the venison (haunch is best) dry with kitchen paper and toss in a little flour.
Sear the venison cubes in a hot pan with a little olive oil and quickly brown the venison all over.
Cook meat in small batches to ensure even colour and you don't reduce the pan's heat.
Add crushed garlic clove and cook till golden.
Transfer all to preheated slow cooker.
Add beef stock and red wine along with a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
Also add a bay leaf and season with salt and pepper.
Ensure the meat is covered, any meat showing above the liquid will dry out.
Add Chantenay Carrots and halved mushrooms and leave in slow cooker to cook overnight.
Allow to cool and store in airtight container in fridge or freeze if not being used.
Defrost and reheat over a low heat.
Thicken gravy if needed.

A fine piece of meat - all gone not a scrap left

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