The Cobbler

Thursday 31 December

The new path from the Loch Long carpark was covered in hard ice/snow.
Crampons on from the roadside; weird, especially as the lower slopes had no lying snow.

It was chilly so we togged up.
Andy, Grant, Bill and David made it a boys only day out, which is unusual.
Grant looking a cool dude - is that a cigarette in his hand?
Despite being the holiday period, the Cobbler was quiet.
 Conditions were 'changeable' -
one moment bright sun - the next a sleety shower!
Progress was swift with Grant powering on ahead.
Someone once said, youth is wasted on the youth.
Where did our fitness go??
Passing by the Narnain boulders and across a small frozen stream we made a beeline for the central peak.
One of the 'old men' plodded on behind....
Do you remember the days when Bill
was always way out front?
Lots of puffing and cursing, well it was steep....
The sun played hide and seek behind the passing clouds.
We were lucky the showers kept missing us.
The SAR (search and rescue) helicopter made a considerable racket as it passed over.
We didn't wave, just in case of misinterpretation....
It was a biting wind but we found shelter just below the ridge.
It's a craggy old place.
Lovely strong sunshine as we ate our 'pieces',
Don't drop anything it's a long way down into Glen Croe!
Another craggy old face on the Cobbler
Isn't it always fascinating the way wind sculpts the snow, in this case a boot is the template.
Super to escape from all the commercialisation of Hogmanay.

Old Man and Youth posed for the classic Cobbler picture.

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