Eilean Donan Evening

Beautiful Bundalloch
29th April - 2nd May

Dierdre found excellent accommodation for our May break.

Our house was a traditional stone cottage in the tiny hamlet of Bundalloch which adjoins Dornie.
It's right on the shores of Loch Long in Wester Ross; the sea loch which meets Loch Duich to create Loch Alsh.

Sgurr Uran could well be phonetically named after Sgurr Fhuaran, the highest hill on the Five Sisters ridge.

Our group consisted of Dee, Ron, Andy, Bill and Roni.

We were joined on Saturday by Graham and Stan.
Graham went bagging with Ron, Dee and Roni,
whilst Stan went to Skye with Andy and Bill.

It was a great place to come back to.

After everyones exertions on the hill on Saturday, we had a re hydrating drink and said goodbye to Graham & Stan, who were based at the Clunie Inn; we then looked forward to our next visitors, Julie and Henry who were in the area.

We had arranged a communal dinner for 8pm(ish) and in the gloaming we spied two dots on the water.
Was it our guests?
Roni was ready for food, in fact we were all hungry. A couple of glasses were mulled over as we waited for our canoe adventurers to return.
It was a great night to be out on the water,
it must be them now?
Andy, our trainee chef was anxiously tending his vegetables, he didn't want them too floppy...
Shouted abuse from the water confirmed Julie and Henry.
Henry doesn't shout.

It had been a superb paddle out to Eilean Donan.
We were jealous.
Our meal was first rate.
Dee informed us it's called Chicken Parmigiana.
Very nice it was too.

Company was ok.

Amazing how modern digital equipment allows you to share your adventure, immediately.
No more waiting six months for a slide show!
Both hill outings had been glorious;
what would tomorrow bring?

explanation courtesy of Clan MacRae

The war cry of the Clan MacRae is Sgurr Uaran and is named after one of the tallest of the five mountains at the base of Loch Duich known as the Five Sisters of Kintail.
Being Gaelic, its pronunciation needs conversion for those not familiar with the traditional Scottish language! For Sgurr, pronounce "scure", for Uaran, pronounce "ur-an" placing the accent on the first syllable and so that the "ur" rhymes with "tour."
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