Raasay Sea Kayak - Sconser to Eyre Point

 Raasay Easter Adventure
Friday April 22nd

Sconser, Skye -April 8.00am.
Weather is like the best ever summer's day, is it a dream?
With high tide approaching in a couple of hours and the tidal stream changing in our favour and, although not strong up the east coast of Raasay (around 1 knot), we welcomed any assistance.
It's amazing how much gear you can carry in a sea kayak, and with careful packing you can have all sorts of luxuries.
Ian in his Nordkapp LV was first on the water at 9.00am - it only took around 45minutes of 'faffing around' to pack our boats. As you can see the water was incredibly clear.
Alan in his yellow P&H Scorpio created a strong colour contrast in the bright sunshine.
As we made our way into the Caol Mor, views north-west to the Quiraing opened up. It was a fabulous morning
We regrouped and waited by a starboard channel marker for the Calmac Raasay Ferry, Loch Striven.
As there is a large spit extending from the Peinchorran shore on Skye there is not much room for larger vessels, fortunately in kayaks we can go virtually anywhere.
The ferry had a nice wee bow wave which we played on when the ferry passed us!
The sun shone brightly and the sea sparkled as we made our way east through Caol Mor and headed to Eyre Point before turning up the east coast of the island. It was a wonderful start to our weekend of adventure.

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