The Saddle - Glenshiel

Graham's Last Munro?

30th April

Graham informed us that this was his last Munro.
We said; 'Yes - we remember!'

He replied, 'No you don't understand, this is my Last Munro'

OK, that must mean Champagne on top.
The track up to the col is an excellent gradient, and this time it is not a river - the weather is perfect.
Cool, sunny with blue skies.
Ron and Dee raced on ahead - was it a snack stop or a wee romantic moment?
Either Deirdre had lost a contact lens, or Ron had lost 5p!
Almost half way, and not another soul in sight.
Graham slowed the pace a bit, the champagne must have been too heavy.
Ron decided to split away and tackle the Forcan Ridge.
Graham and Dee stopped before the final push for the top.
They look quite merry - had they scoffed the bubbly?
Far above we could see Ron sauntering along the ridge.
We on the other hand were toiling up the scree slope heading for the summit.
At last, the summit is near.
Deirdre and Graham looking mightily pleased with their achievement.
Well done considering they were both well oiled......or was there no champagne?
Ron descending from the summit with helpful guidance from Graham......
Graham striding off - never to venture on the hills again.
So how come he climbed two hills the next day?
Last Munro?  We don't think so!
Just as well - as we didn't even get a soupcon of the champers.

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