Rona's East Coast

An evening paddle around the
southeast corner of Rona

Saturday 23rd April

After our earlier escapade on the south west corner of Rona, when retreat was sensible, we turned our attentions to exploring the more sheltered eastern side.

Conditions could not have been better, shame it hadn't been like this in the morning.

We launched from our little beach on a falling tide aware we would have a bit of a carry across seaweed covered boulders on our return.

There are several small islands in the Caol Rona channel and we played in eddies and gaps on Eilean Seamraig.
As we rounded the coast fantastic views open up toward the giant hills of Torridon , a magical sight.
Rona is a rocky place with few easy landing spots.
You can clearly see the high water level, like the tide mark around Andrew's bath tub.
Every nook and cranny was being explored, the colours in the rocks were superb.
Andy posed beneath a large overhang; difficult to capture the scale.
The sun was warm in the shelter of the channels.
The evening calm was such a contrast to the morning we couldn't stop smiling!
Wonder how long to paddle across from Applecross?
We made our way back 'home' content with our short excursion.
The ebbing tide giving us sport through narrow gaps.
As expected, we had a long, very slippy, carry up the boulders.
Probably the most dangerous part of the entire trip, which is why we cleared a walkway through the weed, don't want any broken limbs, it's a long way from help!

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