Coire Lagan - Girlie Day Out

The Gabbro Girls
Sunday 1st May 

Skye walking at its best, an easy pace in good company with no particular target in mind.

On arrival we had struggled to squeeze our two vehicles into the parking area just before the Glen Brittle campsite entrance, and we weren't late!. Never ceases to amaze just how thoughtless/selfish, or just plain stupid, some car drivers can be - vehicles were 'abandoned' with no thought for others.

Deirdre, Roni, Julie  and Ron set off for a stroll and a blether. The path used to be a real bog trot but has been transformed into a well constructed stone track.
above Glen Brittle campsite
Bill and Andy had their sights on the In Pinn and a high level round of Corrie Lagan. They strode on ahead, Ron however wandered off into the heather for a sleep!
heading for Coire Lagan
The three 'col girls' debated the option of an ascent of Sgurr Alasdair via the stone chute, but decided no - not today.
The great stone chute of Sgurr Alasdair
Deirdre scouted ahead for a suitable coffee spot, alas not a scone shop in sight, however there were plenty of big slabs of gingerbread coloured rock.....
Gabbro is great!
Roni decided on some proper climbing, Julie being the camera-woman, remembered Bill's instruction, 'make sure you get people's feet in when taking a picture'.
Obedient as ever!! Bill will give her a slap for her impertinence.
'don't cut peoples feet off!'
A suitable sunny spot was selected for elevenses and Julie considered unpacking her sun lounger. 
sun worshiper
Today's high point - it must be all of 1600' - but what a fantastic place to visit.
classic Skye rock scenery 
Several very slow parties were picking their way up the scree, it looked an horrendous ascent.
We were glad to have wimped out.
hot rock, cool girls....
Miss Rohan posed for a couple of shots, sorry boys no page three photos here!!!!!
Speaking of the boys we wondered how they were getting on, it was a hot day for a speedy traverse of Coire Lagan.
An Stac scree - we're not going up there!
On such a scorcher of a day the heart shaped lochan looked sooooo...... inviting, 'who's for a skinny dip?'
For scale look at the person on the slabs middle distance right hand side near the water.
The small and beautiful blue lochan
It was an ideal spot for a Deirdre to have a fish-nibbling feet treatment from the small loch trout.
Far more hygienic than the foot spas in the malls.
Spa treatment one
Julie decided that she could have her back exfoliated on the Gabbro -  perfect!
Spa treatment two
What a great day - we had solved all the worlds problems without men reducing the chat to gutter level, had coffee, a foot pedicure and a back massage whilst enjoying magnificent rock architecture in Coire Lagan.
What more could a girl want?

The tide had come in a long way in the few hours we had been out, anyone fancy a bit of surfing?
Loch Brittle and campsite 
We waited in the hot sun for our Cuillin scramblers to return, then decided to leave a note on their windscreen. As luck would have it we drove off ten minutes before their did they make it back to our base in Bundalloch before us, considering they stopped at the Coop in Kyle to top up beer supplies?

Fantastic girls day out - Deirdre Roni and Julie. 

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