Meall Ghaordaidh

alternatively Meall Ghaordie 
Glen Lochay
Saturday 14th August

Andrew's bagging new Munro's  - by proxy!

Did Julie see a different forecast from us?
Bet she didn't think of midges today! 
.....even the girls couldn't miss the start point.....
An indistinct path meanders up the broad South East slopes.
We were a fast moving party-despite the boggy ground, but we couldn't outrun the midges, they were persistent. 
On the summit it was still midgey - Alison bravely posed for a picture.
Views to upper Glen Lyon are extensive on a clear day, 
and this wasn't one.
Loch Lyon just visible below the cloud
Care was taken on the 'dangerous' section of the descent,
 well it isn't a very exciting hill.
Dee appeared to be lost in thought
On our return to the lower pasture the locals were still ruminating, not impressed that we had climbed another Munro for Andrew - as it happens he wasn't even grateful...!
We will do it again - but in winter conditions - and with Andy - 
only if he buys us coffee.

It was a short day, around two hours up and one and half down.

 The proxy baggers - Alison, Julie, Roni, Dee, Bill & David

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