Loch Katrine - September 2011

Pick of the Month
Loch Katrine - cycling

Bill bumped into his 'older sister' when we were out.
Muriel is still a 'Gallus Besom'
grey beard - grey hair
Gallus, a dialect word, chiefly Scottish, derogatory in origin and meaning 'wild, a rascal, deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)' - later meaning:
  • Self confident, daring, cheeky; 
  • Stylish, impressive. 
Besom, a dialect word, chiefly Scottish,
  • Obstreperous girl or woman - female upstart 
  • woman of low moral standing - a hussy. 
Who are we to disagree..........


Rita said...

Dear Bill, thanks to all involved in the organisation. cooking, and recreational planning, and to whoever arranges the weather - we enjoyed ourselves in such a comfortable and relaxing setting.
Have tried to source the venison recipe unsuccessfully. It is referred to a couple of times but I could find no recipe. Would be grateful if you could let me have it. It was quite the nicest venison stew I have ever tasted! lolreetx

Andy said...

A really, really massive thank you to all the Camisky weekend gang for the birthday gift. I'll put the money towards a hand-held GPS: it will help me locate the nearest Post Office when I'm collecting my pension.
It was a fab weekend with good friends - many thanks to all the organizers for picking a fantastic venue and providing such a wonderful meal. P.S. Elizabeth would like the recipe for the soup.
Cheers all!