Skye Scrambles - In Pinn Ascent

Classic Climbers 
on Skye
Sunday 1 May 2011
Scoffing our lunch rations we were entertained by the conveyor belt of people ascending the east ridge and abseiling the short west ridge.

Sitting on the summit of Sgurr Dearg observing the other scramblers and climbers, we realised that we didn't have much gear between us.

Nibbles over, we wandered carefully down the slabs and scree, under the south face of the Inaccesible Pinnacle, to the foot of the east ridge.
If you are a rock climber this is easy, if you are a scrambler it's about as hard a challenge you'd want, if a hillwalker - it will induce fear!
Everyone was chatty (nervous) as we stood about in the sun - some moved up the rock with more confidence than others.
Glad this wasn't the Alps - or it would have been a free for all.....
Our turn eventually came, Andy was lead.
Not a lot of protection used!
It is spectacularly narrow and exposed. There are vertical drops on either side - you need a good head for heights.
Bill  on belay - staring into the void on the Coruisk side, it's a long, long way down.
Note the lack of vegetation on the upper slopes, most of it is bare rock or unstable scree.
Looking north from the belay stance, the Bealach Coire na Banachdich is a lonely and unfrequented spot. Not a place for the ordinary pedestrian.
Once on top there comes a sense of relief. 
The east ridge is only two 'mod' rock climbing pitches, but the exposure is dramatic. Some holds are polished, some bomb proof - 
as they say, most climbing is 'mental' - aptly summing up this crazy summit.

We had a few moments to wait for our descent, and had good banter with the other groups on the top.
Everyone was totally relaxed, it was that kind of day.
The fun bit; the abseil down the short west side -
 'Just enjoy the experience'
Bill was securely clipped in to take this picture!
We took a slagging as we removed our gear on Sgurr Dearg.
That's what we get for each using our Whillans Sit Harness, with virtually no kit!
'Traditionalists' - we laughed out loud at the comments.

Must buy some modern 'shiny things' soon.....

The constant stream of ascents continued.
Our descent was down our ascent route; oh joy.
Shame not to have time to scramble round Coire Lagan - but Andy's on chef duty tonight.

Will this scree be as bad going down as it was coming up?
Go for it!
Speed was real - descent very rapid. All you need is confidence.
Turns out to be a great way down, as long as you keep the momentum going.
Hot feet deserve a refresing dunk in the coire lochan.
Bill - soaking up the sun as his scree pounded feet appreciate the icy water.
Hot rock; fantastic views; thirsty; thoughts of beer.......
Glenbrittle was an oasis of green after a day of glaring sun off rock.
......did the others wait to see if Bill and Andy returned safely? Well they did wait, but drove off 10 minutes before they arrived back at the car....

How did they arrive back at Bundalloch after Bill and Andy?

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