Skye Scrambles - Inaccessible Pinnacle

Sgurr Dearg
Sunday 1 May 2011
The glorious weather looked set to hold for a few days more. 
Skye is absolute heaven in dry, sunny conditions with no midges.

Glen Brittle campsite was busy, good to see so many people enjoying themselves.

We started out as a group but soon split up as we all had different objectives. Bill and Andy had decided on 'The Round of Coire Lagan' - so strode on ahead.
The moorland path has been much improved over the years, it's no longer a soggy mess.
There is always a tingle of anticipation on first sight of Coire Lagan summits, it's a special place.
Perfect blue skies, and blazing sun - it was very warm.
Canna floated in the background like some south sea island....underfoot the rough slabs made for rapid progress, but today it was hot-hot work.
Coire Lagan definitely has WOW factor. 
Sgurr Mhic Connich, Sgurr Alasdair and the cliffs of Sgurr Sgumain all compete to grab your attention. You can clearly see the scree chute from Sgurr Alasdair is well worn.
Third breakfast spot - what a view.
The An Stac scree looked uninviting, Bill couldn't remember much about the route - just that he had been up it before........he would soon curse his lack of memory.
This was horrendous, awful, dreadful, (and much worse words)....three steps up - two back.

Soul destroying as well as sole destroying.
Head down, plod, plod, plod....
Eventually the screes eased off and a way was picked around to the base of our first target.

The Inaccessible Pinnacle sticks up like a big sharks fin from this angle, it looks awesome.
You can't help but worry about dislodged rocks hurtling toward you; neither Bill or Andy carried a helmet.

The ground underfoot isn't easy, it demands attention as a slip would see you disappearing down the An Stac cliffs.
Splendid - absolutely superb - this is what Skye's all about.
The In-Pinn summit and abseil descent
Mmmm, bit busy down there, that didn't figure in today's plans!
The queue was about 45 minutes, and a couple doing the full ridge decided to skip the In Pinn.
You have to be adaptable - we realised our Coire Lagan round wasn't feasible. 

Between the slow scree ascent in the hot sun, and a summit queue, the decision was made to 'just enjoy the experience'

Just what exactly does that mean............?

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