Biallid House - Newtonmore

Annual Dinner 2010
10th-12th December

Newtonmore is proving to be a popular base for our annual dinner.

This time we had hired the old house of Biallid, parts of which date back to the 15th century. It's the ancestral seat of Clan Macpherson.
As we self-cater for our dinner, kitchen facilities are pretty important - this property boasted an Aga. This made cooking our meal a challenge, as the oven temperature is notoriously difficult to judge.
Fortunately no disasters, and hungry diners tucked in to a three course meal by candlelight.
It's a cracking house with a large lounge, open fire and the dining table sat us all comfortably.
Seconds were called for; would there be enough to satisfy?.....
Give the pot scrapings to David and cover them with gravy, he won't notice! 
Coffee was served by the waiting staff, Alison and Andy, and even more wine was served to Julie.....
 It was good to relax after such a fine meal, and catch up on everyone's news.
We were too knackered after a day on the hill for traditional party games of Cardinal Puff, wall sitting and table traverse-although some managed a wee dance, a mini conga!
Just can't last the pace, can we?....... really we are saving ourselves for a big day tomorrow!

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