Meall Chuaich

Hill of the Quaich
Sunday12th December

Meall Chuaich sitting to the east of the A9 near Dalwhinnie, always seems to be kept for a quick, 'let's nip up 'n down on the way home'.

The good Hydro track from the layby opposite Cuaich Cottages makes access easy. It follows a concrete aqueduct to the Hydro power station, then various tracks lead to a small locked private wooden bothy which overlooks Loch Cuaich.
Strong winter sunshine on Loch Cuaich
The track was very icy in places; you had to keep an eye on where you placed your feet.
The track heading towards Coire Chuaich
Our path to the summit left the track, taking us up the heather clad hillside. Normally the lower section is very boggy, so we were glad to be on frozen ground. Not much snow about - lots of ice.
Our route ahead was a thin white ribbon of snow & ice
View west - you can just see the bothy to the right of Bill.
It's very easy walking to this point.
The normally boggy path was frozen solid
 'Just for interest' we took to the snow - David raced on ahead, Andy trying to look like a man of the mountains.
A snow patch is like a magnet to us
Our line of ascent was a broad shoulder with short heath underfoot; very pleasant walking. Unfortunately the summit held a stubborn cloud which the gusty wind couldn't shift.
Delightful walking on the upper slopes
Shame it was so misty as there are extensive views into Strathspey from the top.
Approaching Meall Cuaich's summit
David must have sniffed the summit cairn; he has that wild look of a bagger. Alison's having to run to catch him......
David - slow down....!
Return from the summit cairn was down by our upward route. We made sure we walked off on a bearing until we could clearly see our path down, we've been lost on misty featureless plateau before!
Sharing a joke on the walk out ended another successful dinner weekend.

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