Ben Challum

Beinn Chaluim- Malcolm's hill
Sunday 24th October

After dicing with death crossing the A82, we walked up the farm road past Auchtertyre.
It was a fine start to the day - summits all clear of cloud and autumn colours starting to clothe the slopes.
Once under the impressive West Highland Railway viaduct, the track gains height quickly.
On our right is the gorge of the Allt Gleann a' Chlachain, it has been fenced off, not just for safety, but as part of a regeneration project run by the Scottish Agricultural College Research Centre at Auchtertyre.
There are a few regeneration plots dotted about and it's easy to see the vegetation difference between (animals) fenced out and open hill; given half a chance the animals graze everything.
It's a very good track. We all remembered an old smelly sheep hut on the glen floor, it must have been a popular snack spot with hill walkers sheltering from winter weather - any port in a storm.
The view south east toward Crianlarich shows the extent of the forestry on the slopes of Fiarach, a tiny hill to the west of the village. The bigger An Caisteal, et al, dominate the background.The natural forest in the foreground is the gorge woodland regeneration, pretty impressive. 
Dee gave us all a good laugh when she read the information board out loud, 'Where are the large scale sheep' she remarked!
Andy's hair briefly illuminated when he grabbed the electric fence...yes it was 'live'
Ron doesn't look forward to a shock - Dee seems to relish the prospect.
Graham picked a devious line across the stream..........................
 .....whilst the girls chose slippy surface rocks. Cameras are always ready to capture the slip!
We regrouped and then decided to 'un-group', Ron going one way, Graham another, leaving Roni Dee David Andy & Bill to tackle the steep slopes beside the Allt Coire nan Each. Someone has to go to the top....
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