Beinn a Chaorainn & Beinn Teallach

A hill (or two) to work up an appetite.

Saturday 19 November

Staying at the rather grand Camisky Lodge in the Great Glen, it was only a short drive to Roughburn, the start point for our pre-dinner hill.

Moray Clubbers have fond memories of Beinn a Chaorainn, as it gave a magnificent cloud inversion many years ago, when we had a weekend meet, based at Nancy's in Fersit. 

It's a shapely summit, a ridge running south to north, with a big drop to the col separating it from Beinn Teallach, the wee Munro to to the west. The eastern side of the mountain is rather steep.

Walking from our parking spot to the gate in the fence we came on an 'official' vehicle - we wondered if we'd meet any of the team on our day out, not as customers though!
Strong sunshine gave long shadows. Dee and Julie raced along the forest track, talking non-stop. 
We made sure we took the correct track in the woods to gain the open hill. It can be a bit boggy underfoot - you need a keen eye to pick the best line.
Loch Treig looked miles away, nestling in the folds between Stob Coire Sgriodain and Stob a Choie Mheadhoin, whose summits were stubbornly holding on to cloud.
Big open countryside and rich late autumn colours.
We always seem to have dramatic lighting in Glean Spean.
We had a quiet chuckle on the shoulder of Meall Clachaig......... two parties of schoolgirls were oblivious that every word of their girly nonsense could be plainly heard. Those storm shelter walls are not soundproof....
It was a shame that the summit ridge was clagged in.
You'll notice no pictures of David or Andrew, they had been powering ahead all morning and had disappeared into the gloom. 
We think Beinn Teallach was calling.
Confession time.....on the south summit of Beinn a Chaorainn we took a short(ish) detour to inspect the east facing slopes, well that's what you do in thick mist isn't it?

It was a rather sheepish group that made their way back up to the summit to take a proper bearing, a case of 'familiarity and all that' - always trust your compass, and use it!

Easy navigation led along the tops, and we headed down to the big cairn at the col, Tom Mor.

A bright shaft of sunshine illuminated the upper slopes turning them to gold, but it was getting quite dull in the glen. 
A quick discussion and then we were off down the glen, following a good track beside the Allt a Chaorainn, no-one fancied  the ascent of Beinn Teallach in the gathering dusk.
It's a long walk down to the forest edge and we were glad that the river was low as it can prove quite an obstacle.
Today it was a mere boulder hop.
Both Andrew and David met us at the forest edge, they were quite concerned, as they had been down at the cars for about an hour and had expected our group to be back well before them.........were we that slow? 

Another good day out - finished off with luxury accommodation, great food and the good company of the club.

Our round trip on Beinn a Chaorainn had been five and half hours, Andrew and David taking four and half, including Beinn Teallach.....

Andrew, Bill, David, Dee, Julie & Roni

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