Camisky Lodge - Annual Dinner 2011

Camisky Lodge - Torlundy
46th Annual Dinner
18-19th November

Friday night saw the party revelers celebrate another 'old man' coming of age. Welcome to the SAGA section Andy!

Julie tried to burn the house down with all those candles on the cake.
Cake was good - candle wax and spittle less so....
 Lots of 'weel kent' club faces - Jim, Bruce, George and
 not forgetting Eric.
 Saturday nights dinner was top notch - 
and a really impressive dining room.

The serving staff discussed the most efficient way 
to serve the soup.......
..........hurry up.......hungry diners are waiting...
Large portions of venison brought a smile or two!
 Graham couldn't be with us this year,
so received 30 separate text messages in quick succession 
telling him he was being missed, he guessed we all had too much to drink (and was jealous)

He certainly missed an impressive house and great weekend walking.

There is a short video of the dinner here.

and two reports from the hills climbed,

Andy, Elizabeth, Ron, Deirdre, Bill, Roni, Bruce, Rita, David, Jim, George and Eric

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