Glen Ogle to Callander

-The top bit-
May the force be with us
Cycle route 7
Sunday 19th February
In case you are wondering about the title - it's all to do with gravity.

Most guide books describe the route from Callander to Killin, but knowledge of the terrain (or a look at a map) shows that the least cycling effort is from Glenoglehead back to Callander.

It's easy riding downhill......but make sure you have left a car at your chosen finish point or it's uphill on the way back!

The parking place at the top of the pass is around 950' and here the cycle surface is well engineered.
Its a super link piece, designed to keep cyclists safe from the A85 traffic, the road does have a poor safety record -  it's known as one of Scotland's five most dangerous roads.
Taking care crossing the main road, (it can be hair-raising)
we joined the old Callander and Oban Railway track bed.

The surface was frozen - the steep hillside keeping this part of the track in shade.
We left tyre tracks on the overnight dusting of snow, not many cyclists out today.
Further down the track the low winter sun just had enough warmth to melt the surface so that a fine mud spray rose from your back wheel. 
Lesson - don't cycle too closely or directly behind someone......
The Glen Ogle viaduct.
It gives great views and was a major 19th century engineering feat.

The bridge has 12 stone arches and is constructed with a concrete core clad in local granite

It is grade B listed and is a 'handsome' structure.

Glad of the railings..........its a long drop down....
This route has a few gates and animal grids on it.
They are wide enough to cycle through.
Roni didn't trust advice from Andy or her own judgement!
Andy being a gentleman held open the wooden side gate....
...... but Deirdre sailed over the grid with ease
(and had a grin on her face)
Must say very chic sunglasses......
......what Deirdre couldn't see was the back of her fleece.
Always was (and will be) a dirty girl.

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