Glen Ogle to Callander

-The final bit-
Balquhidder at it's best

Sunday 19th February

The old rail track (NCN7) we had followed from the head of Glen Ogle now joins the narrow 'B' road 
which runs the length of Balquhidder Glen.

From Easter to September this road isn't quiet - it leads tourist traffic to the Kirk graveyard
to view the last resting place of Rob Roy MacGregor who died in 1734.

Being February - it had very light traffic.

Although cold when cycling there was real warmth in the sun, especially when we sat in front of a white painted house wall....

It turns out that Andy has an 'old' friend who lives in the glen, so in the best Scottish tradition we decided to pay a visit.

As Donald was out, (or hiding from our invading horde) we had no option but to lounge on his front lawn.......
....which was covered by a mass of snowdrops.
We joked about the neighbours telling Donald about a group of cyclists making themselves at home.
Unfortunately we didn't leave at note - 
turns out he was told about us, but couldn't work out who we were!
This noisy group were also 'at lunch', no guessing the alpha female....
Our route to Strathyre passes through the small hamlet of Balquhidder and immediately turns south on a delightful quiet single track road. Hardly any car bound tourists come along here.
For 2.5 km it is 'pan flat' - this allows gab time, as not much concentration is needed....
"Are you talking about us"?
At this point we have looped back on ourselves, it's less than one kilometre from the Glen Ogle railway cycle route, the flood plain of the River Balvaig is the barrier. Pretty boggy!
Boys will be boys......
....pretty impressive boulder balance
Reaching Strathyre, we said goodbye to Ron and Elizabeth,
we never did meet up with Jim, but I suppose it's in keeping with our tradition!
Back in Callandar we puzzled over the masons marks on Ivy Cottage.
Any ideas? 
Answers on a postcard, or alternatively use the comments form......

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