Stonehaven to Montrose NCN1

Saturday 2nd June

Our weekend explorers were Roni, Anne, Bill and Isabel   
Quite a cultured lot - aren't we?
Bloomfield Steading is a peaceful cottage set within the grounds of Bloomfield, the childhood home of 
James Leslie Mitchell better know 
as Lewis Grassic Gibbon
 Everyone chose cycling in preference to the hills,
Anne particularly so - as she almost lives in the saddle!

Bill's chosen cycle route was from Stonehaven to Montrose...but the Bervie Braes closure after landslip meant Dunotter was our start point
Isabel was glad as this would shorten our route to 'only'
30 miles....

We suggested to Anne that with her Hi-Vis vest she should charge £5 a time directing cars to a parking place...well she was asked a few times!
it's a stunning agricultural landscape you pass through

Catterline was particularly colourful
Isabel hadn't been out with the club for a few years
-did she know what a gentle cycle this would be?
Following narrow country roads we arrived at Kinneff.
If you are fascinated by Scottish history Kinneff Old Kirk is a must - its famous as the site where the Honours of Scotland were hidden after the Siege of Dunnottar Castle in 1651 until the Restoration in 1660
 The significance of the church in our history is... 
as is often the way in Scotland, rather understated.
Good information panels inside the church.
The Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden here after they had been rescued from Dunnottar Castle during Oliver Cromwell's siege in 1652.  The minister James Grainger and his wife Christian Fletcher devised the plan to smuggle them out of the castle right under the noses of the besieging forces,
aye, great stuff!
The Honous Three - our Scottish Crown Jewels
We had our pieces amongst the graves in the churchyard.
It's a very peaceful spot
....there is a rather steep hill back up to our route....
We were soon speeding downhill to 
10 miles done.....only 20 to go!

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Roni said...

Good memory, forgot that it doesn't rain all the time in Scotland, just feels that way.